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Apocalyptic sunset | Apokaliptisks saulriets

Couple of hours ago I saw the most impressive and unique sunset in my life. For a few moments I really thought that I'm taking last pictures of my life... Because I couldn't understand what's happening. The sun gleam appeared over the rooftop and suddenly grew much bigger in few minutes. Well, usually it happens otherwise at sunset - and also not so fast. I felt my heartbeat accelerate and I started to think "What the hell is this??", while my girlfriend stood next to me and tried to joke: "We'll await the end together!". After some 5 minutes, the unusual scene was over - sun started to set like normal, gradually becoming smaller and disappearing behind the buildings' roof. And only then I was able to make rational explanations about what's happened - apparently the sun was overshadowed by some weird front of clouds; then cloud blanket moved to the point where it became transparent and the sun gleam rapidly appeared as it was there, behind the clouds. I don't know what other explanation could be. It was amazing experience. Tomorrow I have to visit the weddings - I dedicate one of these unique sunset pictures to the new couple, long and happy life together for them! [full_width]
Apocalyptic sunset | Apokaliptisks saulriets Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Friday, April 27, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. You, who are the artist of the night, are you scared of those things ...?
    A nice shot of sunset !!



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