Sakuras blooms in Uzvaras park

Japanese cherry-trees - sakuras are blooming in Uzvara park again. See also photos of them from last year:

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New apartments on both banks of Daugava

Here you see 2 modern apartment buildings - Ģipša fabrika ("Gypsum Factory") and Centre House (Centra nams) - which are built at the riverside on both banks of Daugava (the river is between).

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Bossy Cat

"Wtf are you looking at? Are you searching for trouble? Get out of here before it's too late!"

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Matīsa iela 38

Almost 10 years ago renovated, Matīsa iela 38 is one of rather prestige apartment buildings in Riga centre (although the surrounding area is not very chic). It has impressively renovated court yard also - with fountain. Originally the bulding was built in 1909, architect - Nikolajs Nords.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Gauja valley in autumn

One of beautiful views over Gauja river valley, next to Sigulda town. This area is one of main tourism magnets in Latvia.

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Deglava iela 63a - Vissvētākās Trīsvienības Romas katoļu baznīca

This was the first newly-built Catholic church in Riga after more than 50 years Soviet period. It's construction took 6 years - from 2000 to 2006.

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Art Nouveau staircase

Welcome to dreamy atmosphere of 20th Century beginning! This is a staircase of Čaka street 83/85 (see this building it from outside) which surprises with this non-definable, partly bohemian-like charm of Art Nouveau.

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