Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Bauska courtyard

Yesterday Bauska celebrated it's "courtyard festive" - an event where art performances, small markets and other things are going on in some of the town's courtyards. I took a photo of a silent courtyard where nothing happened except this cat who carefully approached me in order to start run pass me to get out of the gateway.

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Mūkusalas street ecclecticism (Mūkusalas iela 37 - 41)

Mūkusalas street is a very interesting area in Riga - there new office buildings mixes up with old wooden houses and soviet time warehouses. This photo perfectly illustrates it. Wooden houses you see here are also a bit rare - mixed with a brick masonry middle wall. Such houses are more widespread in Tallinn, I guess, but you can find some in Riga too.

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Night skyline of right bank

Blue railway bridge and yellow tones of Akmens bridge makes the perfect color match in Riga night skyline.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Clavulinopsis fusiformis

This autumn is especially rich with mushrooms in Latvia, and Latvians are very enthusiastic mushroom pickers. I was also enjoying it last Saturday (first time since childhood) and we found even clavulinopsis fusiformis - a rare mushroom (upper photo).

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Future in sunset

Here is yesterday evening view on Z-Towers highrises from Maskavas street, alongside Spīķeri warehouses. Z-Towers are slowly approaching to finish, as you see the cladding on one of the towers is almost ready.

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Churches and trains

Two perspectives on trains on Riga Railway bridge with Cathedral and St Jacob church towers in background.

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Rust and ruins - Rīga-Liepāja railway

This time theme day and Out-Of-Riga Sunday happens to be at the same time. For this theme "rust and ruins" I chose my recently (few weeks ago) taken photo of a 200 km long railway line which leads from Riga to 3rd largest Latvia city Liepāja. It's rust because railway lines and even stones around them are always rusty (don't know why) and it's (almost) ruins because - believe it or not - in such an important route there is only 1 train per week. See other "rust and ruins" in the world.

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