Night skyline from AB dambis

Riga night skyline - taken yesterday night from renovated AB dam, opposite to Old Town. You can see a daylight skyline from the same place here.

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Before and after: Valmieras iela 28

Valmieras street 28 (1903), one of nicest buildings in centre's southern area of Grīziņkalns, has recently became renovated. Developer has named it "Imperial Residence" and are selling flats there with such texts: "the elegant multi-apartment building is located in the center of Riga, it is surrounded by landscaped, green parks, prestigious restaurants and the most exclusive buildings and offices in Riga". Everyone who knows this area laughs out loud. There are nor "prestiogious restaurants" neither "most exclusive buildings and offices", also nearest parks (Grīziņkalna park and Ziedoņdārzs) are more than km away. Actually this is a run-down, neglected area with lots of traffic on this street (I had to wait some 10 minutes to take this shot with only 2 cars). Apart from that, of course, it's great that Riga has got another tied-up historical building.

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It's bicycle time!

Four girls on weekend bicycle ride in Jugla district. As spring is progressing, more and more bicyclists appears on Riga streets after a "winter sleep".

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Buildings around Ģertrūdes church

I always recommend foreigners to visit St. Ģertrūdes church in Riga - and not only because of exquisite church itself but also the splendid Art Nouveau buildings around it.

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Kalēju iela 45

Kalēju street 45 is fairly old building - built in 1739 (another version is that it's built in 1696). As you can see, there are even a few fachwerk (timberframe) elements on it, which is not widespread in Riga. The building is used as an apartments house nowadays.

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Blaumaņa streetscape

Blaumaņa street is shorter (than others) street in Riga centre which leads from Čaka to Brīvības streets. Here you see it's crossing with Tērbatas street. It's a classical cityscape of Riga centre, dominated by pre-World War II masonry buildings, place by place interrupted by some low-floor wooden houses.

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Sprouts of spring

The weather becomes weirder with every year. This year we basically had no winter (well, there were a few cold days in January but without the snow - in the result, black forst has destroyed winter crops in Latvia). The meteorological spring started even before the astronomical spring - at the beginning of February. However, if some became happy about very early spring (including me) with green leafs already in March, he got disappointed. The spring has been very slow, temperatures still just a 5-10 degrees above zero. Thus only now the first greenery is appearing around (grass, bushes, not trees yet). Anyway, still this spring will have one of the fastest greenery in the last decade. Here you see first heralds of spring from Strazdumuižas park, Saturday. If we take a look back how Riga looked like a year ago in this time...

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