Theme Day: My Camera-Shy Self Portrait

This was the hardest theme day ever! I wanted to include also my city in the photo, to symbolize that I'm the man behind the camera who portrays it. The gloomy day and urban district of Riga adds some atmosphere. Wasn't easy to choose whether it should be me & camera which is sharpened and colorful or the city. Probably it would better fit the "shy" concept if otherwise but somehow that didn't looked as good. See other shy self-portraits around the world!

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Čaka iela 87a

Here you see an inner yards area between Čaka and Barona streets and this is a common sight in Riga inner yards. While facades towards streets sides are far from perfect in Riga - only smaller part of them are renovated - the situation looks even worse in inner yards. Neglected and run-down buildings here dominates absolutely, the ugly truth must be admitted.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Tīrspurvs bog

Tīrspurvs bog is located in a very remote place in southwestern Latvia, next to Lithuania border. Here lies the longest bog trail (6 km) in Europe. Beware that it's not making a loop so you have to go back and forth which is 12 km in total. So, it's probably wiser to visit both ends with a car and then dig into the trail some km or two unless you want to spend a whole day here. Overall size of the bog's nature reserve is 1669 ha. Such type of bogs are quite rare and unique nature phenomenon in Europe.

Resources (in Latvian): Uz Dunikas purvu baudīt klusumu

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Elizabetes iela 19

Elizabetes street 19 houses one of most famous Riga restaurants - Vincents - with Mārtiņš Rītiņš as a chef. This is a silent centre district - a place where flats are being sold for several millions, however real estate agencies keep stoling few EUR worth photos to advertise them... So, blame them for those annoying watermarks.

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Tirgoņu iela 5/7 - design of cats

Some souvenir shop in Old Town has decorated it's entrance with cats, thus employing Riga's "cat city" image. In Riga, cats are being recognized in official level (see:

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Amatu iela 4

Amatu street 4 is one of Riga municipality department buildings, city's main construction council is located here. It's built in 1903 in Neo-Gothic style, by architect Wilhelm Ludvig Bockslaff. The building is adjacent to Great Guild, and it initially served as it's shop, offices and apartment building. Not easy to photograph this building, because it's inserted in a narrow cityscape on the old, cobblestoned Old Town's street - there are very rare photos where this building is seen as whole - but the cost is the very sloppy angle. To the right side you see the Great Guild itself, to the left - Small Guild.

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Mežciems, Riga's Eastern side

View to Riga's Eastern outskirts, last largest urban settlement before foresty suburban area - soviet commieblocks district of Mežciems. It's dominated by 9-floor apartment buildings of 602th series with some 16-floor towers of 104th series (from one of them this photo is taken).

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