Baznīcas iela 31

This building seems a bit untypical for Riga, it rather resembles Stockholm to me. It has got not only unique shape due to Ģertrūdes church next to it, but also wonderful, large sculpture of St George, which you can see closer here.

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Hospitāļu iela 20

This masonry tenement house has been built in interwar period, in Latvia's first independence time at 1930. So, the architecture is functionalism which was thriving at that time. The architect - Latvian Artūrs Krūmiņš.

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Marijas iela 21 (koncertzāle Palladium)

Can_you believe there is a concert hall with 2000 seats in such a building which doesn't look like a hall at all? Yes, there is - it hides in the courtyard. Historically there was a cinema "Palladium" nowadays the concert hall holds the same name. The building itself was built in 1910, designed by architects Edgars Voldemārs Eduards Frīzendorfs and Oto Lanckis, and the cinema was built already in 1913, with 250 seats back then being one of the modern cinemas in Europe.

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Plieņciema iela 12

One of modern office buildings in Riga outskirts, this one located in Mārupe area. There are quite many new office buildings built, probably because it's area close to airport.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Kaunas from above

Kaunas is second largest city of Lithuania. Interestingly, it has quite similar natural setting like much smaller town in Latvia - Bauska. Kaunas also has 2 rivers which joins together in the city. Here you see Kaunas central area - Old Town and New Town and much of suburbs too.

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Indriķa iela 4

Charming wooden apartment house on Indriķa street has been built in 1910 - I was quite surprised to learn about that because I thought most of such wooden houses are from 19th Century. It's located on a cobblestoned street next to railway. Also Torņakalns Lutheran church is nearby.

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Staro Rīga 2014: Ziemeļu sāls grauds

The projections took place also on highest building in Riga - St Peter's church.

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