Talejas iela 1 - State Revenue Service new headoffices

The construction of new State Revenue Service office building was finished last week. Currently State Revenue Service resides almost in 20 buildings all around the city, now they will be housed under one roof. Construction costs of this building reaches 55 mio EUR. I think such sum is large enough to expect much more impressive architecture solutions, don't you think? But the weirdest and saddest part of the story just follows - state will rent the building for 7,5 mio per year for the next 30 years! Yes, the state paid for it's construction and yet it will continue to pay for rent! How that's possible, where is the logic in this? Don't ask me...

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Girl with butterflies

Girl carrying some artwork with butterflies. She started smiling when noticed me photographing.

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Republikas laukums 3 - Centra nams

"Centra nams" is modern apartment building (2005) with 200 flats, in rather exclusive place with a view to Daugava and it's situated just couple of hundred meters from Old Town. However, the architecture is... khmm, let's say, not as good as it could be in such a place.

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Three color flag of spring

Most dominating colours in nature in Riga now (the white cherry plum blossoms already starts to fade, waiting to be replaced by apple-trees blooms).

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Metal gates & first blossoms

Interesting metal gates next to Ģertrūdes street 95. In the backyard, the first blossoms of the spring - Caucasian plums cherry plums.

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Railway bridge and Zaķusala skyline at night

When you are on Riga bridges, it provides rather wide scenery and skylines of both banks of Riga. One of the main eye attractions here is the blue-lightened railway bridge.

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Full moon over Riga roofs

Few days ago there was a full moon nights in Riga. Meanwhile astrologists says this is meant to be a turbulent period between the lunar and solar eclipses...

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