Night view on centre borderlines

Night view on 13th January street towards Daugava river and National library building. The street is almost like a border which separates centre and Maskavas district, while Daugava is a borderline between centre on right bank and Āgenskalns district over the river, in left bank.

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Brīvības iela 125 - Jaunā Ģertrūdes baznīca

New Ģertrūdes church is 69 metres high, built in 1906 in Neo-Romanesque style and it's located in a very interesting place - like on island between two rivers (Brīvības and Cēsu streets).

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Salaca river and Bezdelīgu cliffs

Area in and around Mazsalaca village is a very scenic place in northern Latvia. Here you see a summer evening at Salaca river and Bezdelīgu cliffs - it's a 120 m long and 11 m high Middle Devonian sandstone.

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Different ages

View over Old Town's rooftops. You can get a glimpse of how varied is the cityscape there.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Ķemeri sunset

Sunset at Ķemeri bog.

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Cafe interior

Double Coffee interior at Alfa shopping centre, Jugla district.

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Highrises from Soviet time

Here older photo of 2 highrises seen together - Agriculture ministry (to the right) and hotel Latvia (refurbished) - which was built in Soviet period.

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