Staro Rīga 2014: Strēlnieku iela 4a

Light projections looks the best on the ornate facades, this is a clear proof. Probably next year "Staro Rīga" organizers should aim more to ornate Art Nouveau buildings?

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Staro Rīga 2014: Ceļojums krāsaino pasaku pasaulē

"The trip in the world of colorful fairy-tales" was light performance projected on the building of Latvian Radio in Doma square. "Colorful fairytales" is a literar work written by famous Latvian poet and writer Imants Ziedonis.

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18. novembra salūts (fireworks)

Fireworks of Independence Day.

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Staro Rīga 2014: Ģerboņa stāsts

Today Latvia celebrates it's 96th anniversary - Independence Day. Thus an appropriate object of Staro Rīga - government building entrance with huge Latvian flags. On the second photo you see another episode of light projection "Story of Latvian coat of arms" - and on sides there are projected tweets from people by topic "What is your Latvia?" which can be introduced by hashtag #Latvijai100 (but not in real-time though).

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Staro Rīga 2014: Gaismas Cirks

Since 2008 Riga has a light festival "Staro Rīga" and I have taken photos in every one of them, of course, this year is no exception. One of best objects currently seen is light projection show "Light Circus" by Portugal artists, on the facade of Astor hotel.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Cagliari

Cagliari is one of those hundreds of mid-size towns in Europe you haven't probably heard of but are a wonderful God-blessed places to live. It's a town in Sardinia island which has got wonderful weather - this photo is taken November 2013 when there was 28 C and everything looked fresh, green and blooming like in spring. The town itself was also beautiful, historically preserved medieval jewel.

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Art Nouveau meets Neogothic

Area around Old Ģertrūdes church is a land of opportunity for photographers. The Neogothic church which is by itself a true beauty is surrounded by no less beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. Yesterday I had a chance to take the views from higher perspective there.

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