Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Alps

This July used my vacation time to visit Alps - drove in total about 5000 km from Latvia to Austria and back with a car. Didn't visited as many places as wanted, and, definitely, will have to return there sometime. This place - Oberpinzgau valley between Kitzbuheler Alps and Venedigergruppe was one of most beautiful views in the trip. Down there is also highest Austrian waterfall - Krimmler - located.

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Nature in city

Swans feeding place at Daugava waterfront in Ķengarags - it's one of places where urban inhabitants can meet a glimpse of nature.

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Olgas iela 2

Charming entrance of wooden building in Āgenskalns historical district.

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Ausekļa iela 11

Ausekļa street in prestigious Silent centre area - the place where the buildings hides in the cosy shadows of green trees. This building on Ausekļa 11 is built in 1913 and renovated in 2004, it's one of Riga's luxury apartment buildings.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Sietiņiezis

The best photos always come when you don't expect them (maybe it's different for pro-photographers who know exactly where, when and how the sun will shine and what the light conditions will be, etc). This sunlight-breaking-through-forest photo I spotted Saturday when visiting one of the most interesting rock formations in Latvia - Sietiņiezis rock in Gauja National park. It's the largest white sandstone detrition in Latvia, more than 400 million years old.


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Highrises composition

Apartment highrises in Imanta district.

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Miera iela 19

Miera street 19 is one of most beautiful building on this charming street.

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