Out-Of-Riga: View from Gesundaberget mountain

Just returned from trip to Sweden. I experienced some of the once-in-a-lifetime views from Gesundaberget mountain in central Sweden. After one of periodical rain showers, this one went right over the mountain, the sun started to shine from behind and a rainbow appeared. Had never seen a full rainbow from above before. Too bad my main memory card died at the last day of the trip so I can't show you photos where rainbow was even closer, right behind the mountain where I'm standing.

The lake below is Siljan - sixt largest lake in Sweden, an enormous giant which total area (here you see small part of it) is a bit larger than Riga city - 354 sq. kilometres.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Salacas (Pietraga) Sarkanās klintis

Red cliffs at Salaca river in northernmost area of Latvia, not far from Estonia border. These scenic sandstone cliffs are up to 10 metres high and 400 metres long. See also other cliffs at Salaca river - Bezdelīgu cliffs in Mazsalaca town.

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Dzegužkalna park

Dzegužkalns park in my mind is the most interesting park in Riga because it is the only one which is located on a hill and it offers many interesting landscapes as well as views over Riga rooftops to city skylines. As you see in first photo - the hill and the park is cut through in 2 parts by Buļļu street.

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Barona iela 37

National romanticism style Art Nouveau building on Barona street, by architect Aleksandrs Vanags. The architect was also the owner of the building.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: View from Līgo kalniņš

Saukas nature park is scenic, hillish landscape area in Selonia region. Here you see the view near Ormaņkalns, from Līgo kalniņš hill, towards the Sauka lake. Entire area are very sparsely inhabited, there are no towns, just some villages around and my car radio even couldn't catch any FM station :)

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Ieriķu iela 3 - Domina Shopping centre

Domina Shopping is Riga's second or third largest shopping centre (don't know the latest figures) with a total area of 110 000 square meters. It has been established in the place of former VEF factory area, in one of many factory buildings which was renovated in 2003. Here are located around 160 shops.

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Pink rain

Latvian rock band Opus Pro has a song about "Pink rain". This evening something like that really went over Riga.

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