Brīvības gatve 386

These low-quality architecture highrises are located in Jugla district, next to magistral street of Brīvības. There are 2 14-floor and one 6-floor buildings in the complex.

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Ģertrūdes iela 48

This wooden house is built in 1875, as a tenement house. Smaller wooden houses between larger masonry buildings - where else in the world such a scene can be seen?

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Vienna

Vienna is looking very good from above (somehow not that exciting from street level though). It's rooftops makes harmonic interplay with mountains in background. There are many things which pleases the eye - church towers, palaces, etc.

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Car cemetery which is gone

This photo is already historical, because this car cemetery in Dārzciems doesn't exist anymore. The grounds are cleared now and probably there will be built something new.

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Bruņinieku iela 73a

This is one of most interesting buildings in southern centre, Grīziņkalns area. A red bricked building with a delicate touch of blue ornament, is different from other houses in the area. In 2012, in this building's backyard there some brick wall fell down and destroyed a parked BMW, see here:

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Jēkaba iela 10/12

In this building in Old Town Riga, parliament's Foreign Affairs commission is working. It's located close to Saeima building, and built back in 1901.

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Mazā Krasta iela 73 (Grebenščikova church)

Grebenščikova Old Believers Church is not only unusual from architecture point of view - it's also the largest Old Believers parish in the world. The building itself was built back in 1888. It's bell tower (built 1906) is mainly resembling Russian 16th Century architecture style, but incorporating also few Art Nouveau elements.

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