Barona iela 52

Barona iela 52 is a recently renovated, magnificent corner building, built in 1911. It's considered to be vertical Art Nouveau and Neo-Classicism synthesis. The architect is rather less known - Nikolajs Jakovļevs.

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Fisherman and fisherwoman

There has been a long time since I posted a photo with focus to people, I think. This one is from last spring in area next to Ķīšezers, not far from Mežaparks district. A common passion for (what it looks like) a husband and wife!

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Čaka street

Here you see Čaka street - one of main streets in Riga centre. It's also one of the most poor, neglected/non-renovated streets in centre. It always stinks of petrol. Hundred years ago it used to be Riga's "red lights" district, and it's named after poet Aleksandrs Čaks who wrote much about Riga and this street in particular.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Embūtes dabas parks

Embūte nature park in south-western Kurzeme region is a very nice place - it has very diverse, hillish landscape which offers lake, meadows, forest and other types of flora in a small, easily walkable area. We visited it in grey, rainy day and it was still great. In sunny day it all should look even more fantastic.

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Akas street "gates"

Yesterday's evening on the corner of Akas and Ģertrūdes streets. This is a beautiful cityscape perspective to my mind, with these two large pre-WW1 buildings making a kind of "gates". One of them - Ģertrūdes 23 - has been more than year ago renovated (see separate post here). Judging by the dark windows, noone is living there yet.

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Gaujas iela

Gaujas street in Čiekurkalns area. Here it's leading alongside largest cemetery massive in Riga - Meža kapi. It has a bicycle lane and nice "roof" of green leafage above the heads.

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Central Market

Inside one of Riga's Central Market pavillions - this one is devoted to vegetables and fruits.

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