Brīvības iela 23 - Rīgas Kristus Piedzimšanas pareizticīgo katedrāle

I have posted this, one of the nicest churches in Riga before, but I think it's definitely worth at least a second look - in an autumn gear. The church has now also a two gold-plated cupolas which you can not see in this photo from 2008. The neo-byzantine style Orthodox church was once the most expensive building in Riga. It luckily survived both World Wars but Soviet power closed and partially demolished it (sawn down the crucifixes, re-melted the bells and converted it into a planetarium). Reconstruction of the building has been on-going since the end of 90ies.

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Autumn sun on Riga firewalls

Most architects doesn't regard firewalls as having aesthetic quality, and they hope the empty places in Riga centre (most of them created by the World War 2) will be filled with new buildings soon. But to me firewalls are one of Riga's essential characteristics, they just gives the city it's distinctive look and charm. Especially when they look like in this photo - illuminated by the evening sun - which I took last Friday, when there was wonderful autumn day in Riga.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Crystal frost in rural fields

Who said there's no beauty in grey days? There is, especially when autumn colors and crystal frost comes in! These are views from Saturday over Zemgale countryside fields. Temperatures had fell below zero through night and thus created these scenes. The leafs started to fell even without the help of any wind, as you see in second photo.

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Stabu iela 87 (Avotu street side)

Avotu street view somehow reminds me of Rome - partly because of clear sunny blue skies in this photo and partly because of neglected buildings and similar facade colors here.

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Akadēmijas laukums 1 - Zinātņu akadēmija

Science academy is regarded as the first highrise in Riga. It was built in 1951-1961 and it's height reaches 107 metres. It is similar to other Stalinist era highrises in Moscow, Warsaw.

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Brīvības gatve 372: Alfa - largest shopping centre in Riga

Alfa is largest shopping mall in Riga by turnover (in 2013 it was 126 mio EUR) and also one of largest by retail space. It is located in Teika district, next to one of major streets. Alfa was opened in 2001, in reconstructed soviet time electronics factory, which carried the same name. In 2008, here was opened also one of 3 Riga's multihall cinemas - Cinamon.

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Out-Of-Riga Sunday: Lauču akmens

Lauču stone is around 2 m high and 70 t heavy stone in Vidzeme stony coast. It was rinsed out of the sea in 1853. The landscape is quite unique here also because of the trees - they're deciduous trees and not coniferous trees (which is the usual case in seaside). It makes colorful autumn views there.

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