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Asymmetrical reflections

Are reflections real? Well, of course, they are - we can see them. But are they as real as the reflected object? You might to say - no, of course, not, they are somewhat "less real". But why? Well, probably because they have only visual dimension - we can only see them, but can't touch them, can't hear them. But then again - is, f.e., electromagnetic field even "less real" than reflections (because we can't neither see, nor directly touch it or hear it)? It seems this argumentation strategy isn't working here.
Then perhaps reflections are "less real" because they hasn't their own, independent appearance - they always need glass, water or another smooth surface to appear? But again - if we want to be honest, there aren't any thing or phenomenon which has it's own independent appearance. For example, there wouldn't be any material objects without the space.
So, it seems there are no such thing as "more or less real". Now we can conclude that the reflection is just as real as the reflected. :)
Btw, how many reflections you can count here?
Asymmetrical reflections Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Sunday, February 20, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. you just calm down and stick to look out after some nice spots for photos:)

  2. well, if you have two mirrors the reflections are countless :)


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