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Killing because of... popcorn

Popcorn makes mad... Not only this painted dog on Riga's largest cinema facade, but sadly also people who watch movies there. Those who are crunching the salted snack are making angry others who try to fully concentrate on the movie. Usually it's not developing into an open conflict though last Saturday was different. A man was shot dead by another man just after the "Black Swan" movie - and the reason was conflict which arose from... popcorn eating. It's unclear whether the killer or the victim was the popcorn eater but the mere fact of something like that is possible is just another reason to think about the madness of our ego-rooted culture and it's damaged people's minds. Even more than about the one apparently psychologically unsteady idiot killer I'm shocked about the general public's comments on the Latvian internet portals - many of commenters almost supports the murder, just if the victim was a popcorn eater... I'm also not the fan of popcorn eating in cinema and it really is a bit disturbing, but it's hard to understand how people can become so hating because of such a small matter.
More about the tragedy you can read in English here.
Killing because of... popcorn Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Monday, February 21, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. Golly Gee!
    You'r right about the madness of our ego-rooted culture, it's really sad :(


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