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Miera iela 18

I'm late with this month's theme day but better late than never. Riga is full of decaying buildings (sadly) and many of them are/was beautiful buildings, but there are only a few cases where decadence really gives some additional aesthetic value... Probably one of those buildings could be this one on Miera street - a really fairy-tale house which would probably wouldn't look so charming if renovated! [full_width]
Miera iela 18 Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Sunday, June 02, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Beautiful building!
    It disturb me more those graffiti which damage more to the building than the natural decay....

  2. Beautiful in it's decay. I would bet it would be charming restored. MB

  3. Enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing buildings like these. Graffiti seems to have no language barriers. Nice post.

  4. You may have a point about it not looking as charming were it in pristine condition. This at least looks as if it has a good age to it.

  5. What a beautiful building!!! I do hope someone decides to give it some much needed restoration before it's too late....

  6. such a shame to see such wonderful buildings go too waste.

  7. The lighting in your shot is fabulous!

  8. Lovely old building - I want the room up the top with the balcony!


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