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Historical "commieblocks"

We tend to despise 60ies-70ies unified and brutal style apartment buildings (aka "commieblocks") and to praise more historical, pre-WW1 buildings. But sometimes those historical tenement houses can look as monotonous and brutal as commieblocks - like these in Grīziņkalns district in Riga. And at the same time they (like commieblocks too) have something suggestive in them...
Historical "commieblocks" Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. I rather like them but wonder what the facilities are like inside?

  2. All cities, including the most beautiful, they have that type of houses.
    Un español.

  3. @Chrissy - as far as I know, they have low level of comfort inside - for example, toilets sometimes isn't in flat but in staircase. Mostly wooden heating, except cases when capital renovation is made and the building is connected to central heating.

  4. But the most important - they are cheap, and will stay vertical for another 100 years(minimum)


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