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When your feet are tired of walking...

Riga centre is compact yet still large enough to make you exhausted when walking in hot summer days like these. Segway is another good way to go around the city and in Riga they are available for hire, however the price is very "heavy" to my mind - 28 EUR per hour. Such a segway could be even more useful in larger cities, like Madrid from where I just returned - but there I didn't noticed anyone driving with a segway.
When your feet are tired of walking... Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Looks like a fun way to get around town! Nice photo!
    Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. The only place I found this useful is the airport. So what about Madrid? Did you take any pictures here?

  3. Of course, I took hundreds of pictures, as Madrid was stunning city. Along with Madrid I visited also Brussels and in next Sundays in this thread under "out of Riga" topic I will post some pics from them. But much more of my Brussels and Madrid pics you'll have option to see here: SSC forum

  4. Cool! Didn't know you where in SSC as well. I made the same trip in early March but in the other direction (Madrid - Brussels - Riga). It was my first time in Riga and I really liked it. Fresh weather and snow in sunny days which is not easy to find in Madrid.

    Soon when I came home I looked for pictures and a way to stay in touch with the country and finally got to your blog which I follow daily. Good work Ikars!

    Though I only visited Riga I'm willing to come back soon. I really think Latvia and its people have a really bright future.

  5. Many thanks, Sam! It's glad to hear such words from you!


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