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Dream Is Collapsing

One of my most mystical pictures I took completely accidentally - just by choosing too slow exposition time and then "canceling" the photo. When I later discovered the result, I fell in love with it... It looks like as if I had stepped in a dream and managed to take a photo there... just before waking up. That's why the column has started to came down already.

Btw, when I was a kid, I sometimes dreamed (at sleep) about something I desired - I remember one time it was about colored felt-point pens which some of my classmates had but I didn't. At that time I had a theory that I can "grab" something out of my dream to vigil reality - I just have to remember this purpose in my dream and to hold desired thing very firmly. I tried it in that case with felt-point pen, awakened and checked below my pillow, but, of course, nothing was there. :)

Today's photo's sound track, is, of course, Hans Zimmer's "Dream is collapsing" from "Inception", what else it could be?

Inception Soundtrack-Dream is Collapsing (Hans Zimmer) MP3 Download
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