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21st Century commieblocks

Although people may think that commieblocks are architectural mistake of past (60ies-70ies), their construction cheapness and functionality is appealing still today. Riga municipality is continuing to build the new generation of commieblocks to shorten the flats queue in social housing (~8000 families in the queue, which is decrease from around 10 000 few years ago). At the same time, Riga is full of empty flats in new projects. These particular commieblocks, of course, is simple and straight, but they looks comparatively good to me. Especially nice effect is achieved with those colored squares.

21st Century commieblocks Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Where in plavnieki is this exactly? :)

  2. Hey! I've been following your pictures in this blog and in other places of the internet where you post them. Thanks for allowing me to know better the city where I live now: Riga.

    But just one question: in which street are these blocks being built? Just to get oriented.


  3. Hi, It's at Deglava and Ulbrokas crossing!


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