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Photo selection of 2010

In addition to the best picture of 2010 which was chosen by people's vote, today here is my collection of other good photos which has been posted here through the last year (click to see larger). Personally I like the first left picture (fountain in the rain) the most.

The first full year has passed with PhotoRiga blog. Thank you, most active commentators Anjoe Playhouse, Angella, Margaret, Leif Hagen, Steffe, Randy, Gateglimt, Hilda, Danija, Gunn and all other regular readers (sorry, if I didn't mentioned you!). I hope it was interesting for you and you saw and found out many new places, events and knowledge of Riga in this blog.

In 2010, we have seen a very diverse things here - a smog over the city in the cold days of last January, Iciclosaurs or huge icicles, peeing drunkard, protesters who lived in tents in -30 C frost, protesters who stand up for the liberation of "Neo" (recently he was acknowledged as a man of the year here), "snow" in summer, giant bed in Riga centre, pan-European weather front, Roman Abramovich's yacht Pelorus, air show and other events of Riga anniversary celebrations, "Staro Riga" light festival pictures and many other photos. The blog itself last year has got new design and a memorable address, and now you can register as a follower to PhotoRiga in social networks too - Facebook (PhotoRiga page here) or Twitter. Let this year be even more progressive and succesful!
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