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Riga Motormuseum | Rīgas Motormuzejs

 Riga Motormuseum. One of the most interesting and unique museums in Riga. Founded in 1989, the largest antique vehicles museum in the Baltic states hosts a collection of more than 100 cars from different eras - starting from early 20th Century up to Soviet time car industry heritage, including notable examples such as cars of Soviet leaders Stalin, Brezhnev. After reconstruction which lasted from 2012 to 2016, the museum got many modern, interactive features - video screens, audio guides etc. Overally an interesting, worth-to-see experience even if you aren't a cars enthusiast. Riga Motormuseum is located some 8 kilometers from Riga centre, in Mezciems district. The entrance price isn't cheap - 10 EUR and free admission for children until 6 years old.             

 Rīgas Motormuzejs. Viens no interesantākajiem un unikālākajiem Rīgas muzejiem, dibināts 1989. gadā. Šeit atrodas Baltijā lielākā antīko automobiļu kolekcija - vairāk nekā 100 dažādu laikmetu auto, no paša 20. gadsimta sākuma līdz padomju laiku auto industrijas mantojumam, starp kuru arī unikāli spēkrati, ar kuriem braukuši Padomju Savienības līderi Staļins, Brežņevs. Pēc pamatīgās rekonstrukcijas (2012-2016) muzejs kļuvis labiekārtots un moderns ar dažādām interaktīvām iespējām. Muzeja apmeklējums ir interesanta pieredze ne tikai fanātiskiem auto mīļotājiem.

Stalin's armored car ZIS-115 (with his waxwork inside), built in 1930ies. It is a testimony of Soviet despot's paranoia - he ordered to make his car bulletproof and at the same time similar looking as a normal car. But it's not "normal" - there are several armor layers in it's superstructure, the windows are 7 cm thick, and the car weight is 7 tons.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (1966) - a car was used by former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev whos waxwork you see inside the car (it was one of the gifts he recieved as a state leader). He got in the accident (collision with a tipper truck) with this car in 1980, on one of the main streets of Moscow. The rumors are that the driver of a tipper truck was so horrified after realizing that he has collided with Brezhnev car, that he ran away from the place of accident.
This installation symbolizes the life of a Soviet middle-class citizen - to the right side is the model of a typical 5-floor commieblock building (Lithuanian project), one of most common apartment buildings in Riga Soviet suburbs a.k.a "sleeping districts". And besides it a Moskvich - one of typical brands of Soviet car industry.

Motormuseum has also several cool sports cars from the first half of 20th Century. One of most exclusive exhibits - Auto Union V16 type C/D 1938 model. Interesting story is behind this car. The original version (along with 17 other) was acquired by the Soviet army when they occupied Germany in WW2. In 1970ies, only this example was left but also in the very bad condition, and was intended to destroy (scrap metal). The founder of Riga Motormuseum, Viktors Kulbergs, saved the car (the story goes that he accidentally found out this information and stopped planned destruction at the very last moment, literally previous evening) and brought it to Riga. It is considered as one of most expensive cars in the world (value considered over 20 million EUR). However, Riga Motormuseum hadn't it's own finances to properly restore it, so the museum sold it to Audi - in exchange of the exact replica, built by the company. The original model now is in Audi museum in Ingolstadt.
  Auto Union


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