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Granny and cats

A granny feeding 2 cats in Purvciems area, yesterday. [full_width]
Granny and cats Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Friday, February 07, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. We saw a lot of cats (homeless propably) in Riga, we even fed them for few days.
    Once an old lady, looking through the window, saw we were feeding cats and started to shout - in russian:)
    She just wanted to give as a can with some food and feed the cats there.
    We did it, trying to understand her words - I even told "my nie gawarit pa russkij", so she asked "Poljaki?" and kept talking to us. ;)
    After all another old lady, looking through the window, open it and told us "спасибо".
    It's great they both looks poor but were helping cats. All the best for them.
    I hope that the cats won't be killed, what - I'm affaraid - was propably done in Wilnius. Two years ago there were a lot of cats. This year - any. What happend to them..? maybe I don't what to know.

  2. Thanks for your interesting experience, qlkowa!

    I think cats in Riga aren't threatened by municipality - it would be a PR disaster for current Riga mayor, who has built his image by caring about cats :) He accomodates 2 cats (one with Latvian, one with Russian name) in Riga municipalitu building and he has also built a houses for homeless cats in the city, see in this blog:

  3. It's great!
    I remember cat's house near the door into the church in the middle of the old town.
    I really love Riga.


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