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Create Riga | Radi Rīgu!

Today and tomorrow in Riga city council there is happening perspectively important event in Riga city planning and development: forum "Radi Rīgu!" ("Create Riga!"). This project started almost year ago, when 5 city planner & architect teams in the lead of foreign experts started to create a development ideas for 5 Riga districts. Today they presented the results. Sadly, I managed to see only 2 of presentations, because the event was poorly advertised and I didn't knew about it happening until today's morning. But the presentations were beautiful, however city officials attitude was much less beautiful. In the end, there was a speech by famous Barcelona city architect and UNESCO-UIA secretary general Jordi Farrando who endorsed Riga city council and all others to be brave and to really start those development projects which were presented here. Not sure about our bureaucrates willingness to work on that though...

Jordi Farrando:

This, by the way, is a hall where Riga city council makes their sittings:

Rock-group Astro'n'out was a musical guests to the forum, surely because of their song "Daļa Rīgas" (Piece of Riga).

Rīgas domes sēžu zāle, Rīgas dome [full_width]
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  1. Hi, I have now looked at so many of your photos and I really enjoyed it! I see that we have been to the same places and photod many of the same things. You might enjoy my blogg also. Annika


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