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Lessons from nature (Gulbji un pīles Daugavgrīvā, Buļļupē)

Swans and ducks are two different birds but jogs along very friendly. People should learn from them.

Today we have a referendum about the second state's language and it has created quite an emotional turbulence between Latvians and Russians. [full_width]
Lessons from nature (Gulbji un pīles Daugavgrīvā, Buļļupē) Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Saturday, February 18, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. I can understand that some people dislike the Russians because of the bad old days, but as far as I understand, many Russians still live in Latvia. so I can also understand why they want their language to be official.

  2. Agree - much more nice world if people could tolerate their neighbours!
    I know the bad russian history in Latvia, but then all europe should hate the germans and the danish and swedish eachother (we still do but only in football :)

  3. There is talk of making spanish a second language here in the USA... my husband is Latvian, his father came from the 'old' country in the early 1930s...

  4. How did it go? The referendum I mean.

  5. Russian language didn't get official status, of course. It just won't happen - so let's speak latvian :)


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