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Rumour clouds over Swedbank

Yesterday in Latvia's Twitter network rumours were spreading about Swedbank's financial problems and people hurried to ATMs to drew out their money (over 24 million lats were cashed out). When I heard about the rumors in TV, I had a bit comfortless feeling too, because all my money is in Swedbank. However it seemed more like a mass panic without a real ground to me and I didn't run to the nearest ATM. Today there is started criminal procedure about these rumors, because state considers they were created intentionally with bad purpose. Although some people still rows at ATMs, for most is clear now that the bank is safe and alarmism has no reason. Rumour clouds has lifted (in pictures - Swedbank main building in Riga, office tower in Ķīpsala):

Rumour clouds over Swedbank Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Monday, December 12, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Mass panic it was. I also use Swedbank.

  2. Very good symbolic photo with the dark rumour clouds in background ;)

  3. On seeing that first photo I was like, "Dang!" What an awesome shot! Love the clouds, love the rays of light shooting out from the bottom and the way you have the sun just barely peaking out from behind the building. What an amazing way to visually illustrate the panic and now the calming of fears. - Is that second shot in HDR? Although, I like the color of the Swedbank building and of the sky and clouds, that building in the right-hand corner seems to be a little garishly bright and noticeable. But maybe you were trying to draw attention to it. I don't know what that graffiti says. Maybe it is appropriate.


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