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Yesterday was beautiful sunny Sunday and I explored one of my personal "white spots" in Riga - Biķernieku forest. Lucky coincidence, right at that time there happened car race in Biķernieku racetrack, so I saw some a bit nerve-tickling scenes (especially for me, for who it was a first race in presence).

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  1. In other words,you get involved inadvertently in the middle of a free show.
    Un español.

  2. grūti uzrakstīt angliski, bet baigi smukās bildes, tikai žēl, ka tew nav "superfokusa" fotokamera, kas kustīgus objektus labi fokusē.. :) tad pirmā bilde būtu ideāla! :) tu speciāli tik košas bildes taisiji? baigi patīk! :)


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