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Making of New Riga Key

Yesterday happened to be in Townhall square where an interesting action was opened - until Riga's 810th Anniversary (21st August) everyone is invited to leave some key in this huge chest. Then, in Celebration event, all these keys will be alloyed into one big Riga Key.
Riga had it's Key couple of centuries ago but in 1710 Russian empire took it away. As recently admitted Riga mayor, the Key is still be kept in the Armory museum in Moscow, but Russians are unwilling to give them back to us.
I guess I will now go to the Townhall square and leave one of my old unused keys for the common thing.

Making of New Riga Key Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Friday, August 05, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. I am not able to see photos the last few days.

  2. That's weird, because I see them from different internet connections/PCs. I haven't changed anything. Which internet browser you're using? Maybe you have very slow internet connection? Are you see the picture when going to it's direct address:

    Anyone other has the same problem?

  3. Nope, i can see them as usual from Spain.
    I have one question regarding this post: isn't Riga's mayor Russian or from a Russian origin?

  4. I thought that having russian origins would help him get what is yours from your neighbour country.

    Anyway, it's never too late to take these initiatives :)


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