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I love you, Riga

After "I Love You, Paris", "I Love You, New York" and "I Love You, Moscow" now you can enjoy similar style movie about Riga too. Thanks to director Pavel Gumennikov and his team which has made it - said to be "non-budget movie". Last Friday it appeared on cinemas and yesterday I attended "Cinema Riga" to see the movie and was positively surprised. Not that I expected something bad, but still - I didn't expected this "non-budget movie" to be in the same level with "I love you, Paris" (haven't seen the others). When you have love and passion, you don't need money! Movie was sometimes witty and fun, sometimes also a bit sorrowful... like a life itself. It told interesting stories and Riga scenes were well captured (imo, but I'm not a cinematographer, just a photographer). Actors' work could have been a bit more convincing sometimes (but they mostly were non-experienced actor) and also there were seemingly some little problems with sound (too shrill sometimes), but in overall - good movie. Recommend to everyone! Here you can see it's trailer:

Btw, in the picture you see the sign of a popular bar in Old Town - it has no relation to the movie apart from the similar name.
I love you, Riga Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Rating: 5

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