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Sleeping drunkard

Today again a bit of Riga's dark side. I spotted this probably homeless man sleeping his drunkenness on a bench in centre's north-east side, Miera street. At one moment, another man, looking exactly of the same kind, came to him. At first I thought that's his bottle companion as he pretended that he tries to wake up him but then for just a second his hand slipped in sleeping man's pocket. It looked like that he didn't get any prey though. Btw, notice sad smiley on the wall in upper right part of picture.
In some areas of Riga such views are quite ordinary. See also heavily drunk or otherwise intoxicated man on Maskavas street.
Sleeping drunkard Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Tuesday, April 05, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Urlas right? But where are the Addis track suit pants? Have the fashions changed?????

    Honestly I have never met a race of people who could put alcohol away like the Lats can.......Do you have a blood bank? One thinks that should you need a blood transfusion a bottle of vodka would suffice....

    Pity he's not sober - he looks quite attractive otherwise.......

    In Alice Springs this is called 'going to the long grass'.

  2. Urlas is different - mostly young-aged people who herds in packs and behaves aggressively.


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