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Beggars are one of sad parts of Riga's reality. In winter, mostly they're begging in underground tunnels below streets, but few is bearing the coldness in an open area - like here, one of the busiest panda crossings in Riga. Opinions about beggars differs here - some think they're people who actually has deliberately chosen such a lifestyle and earning a good money in this way. Well, some of them really could be such persons. But I have hard time to believe that someone could beg on street in tough winter without strong despair behind it. In overall, Riga has not that many beggars as one could think (keeping in mind that Latvia is between the poorest EU countries). Most beggars I have seen in Rome but on the other end of scale could be Stockholm, where I didn't noticed any single beggar.
Beggars Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Monday, February 28, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Sorry. But most of beggars in Italy come from others countries...

  2. ^ Sure, I think most of them was Gipsies. On the other hand, Sweden also has many immigrants, but as I said, noone is begging there.

  3. I'm agree with you about Sweden, Norway and others northern countries. Unfortunately big city like Rome, Milan etc are often full of beggars. First of all more turists we have, more beggars can get easy money. Then climate is quite good even for sleep outside during winter. While in Sweden right now is impossible. Then unfortunately Italy is known as land of good heart:( So poor people, shit people, criminals etc.. come here easily and thinking that all is possible. But the big fault comes from politician. Coz they are doing little how to fight them:( Sorry but before EU here was much better. Anyway you are always welcome in Italy as me in Latvia ;)


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