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Friday's evening in cinema

When workweek is over, what to do in Friday's evening if club (wild)life is not your "cup of tea", theatre or opera is too expensive and it's winter out there? Well, cinema! Yesterday attended the movie "The King's Speech" in "Citadele" multihall cinema and was quite surprised that our hall was absolutely full of people - it's quite rare and even more weird it seems when keeping in mind that this movie isn't some typical Hollywood pop-film. But maybe people are tired from Hollywood's cliches and exactly such films are what they want to see now? It was even more interesting, that when the movie ended, quite many people spontaneously started to applaud... I hadn't observed such reaction in the cinema before. To be honest, I wasn't one of them. Not because I didn't liked the movie - it was quite good, but not THAT good. THAT good was my favorite movie of last time which I watched even 2 times in another Riga's cinema - "Mr Nobody" (that's a really chef-d’oeuvre, strongly recommend to everyone). So, "King's Speech" is good as an alternative to all those typical Hollywood stamps, but not something extraordinary. P.s. In the picture, of course, you see some trailer before the actual movie, because the lights are on. Here you see that subtitles are being showed in 2 languages - in Latvian and in Russian. Although not oficially, de facto Riga is a bilingual city. The text on the screen tells: "Deal with your problems on your own!"
Friday's evening in cinema Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Friday, January 28, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. I must be one of the very few people who have not seen the King's Speech yet...but I plan to go tomorrow Sunday. You are the first one to say that it is "good but not that good"...interesting!

  2. Sittin' in the cinema and seeing a real good movie, is a good start on the weekend ;-)


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