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Bперёд, за библиотеку! (best photo of 2010)

Well, the New Year has came! How about your headaches? I effectively stopped mine with some painkillers already in the night when went to sleep :)

Today members of City Daily Photo community post their best pictures of last year for the theme day. I think that really good picture is a creative one which holds some additional value. I don't have many such pics, but I selected 10 my personal favorites and put them to public poll in in page. In according to people's vote, quite sure winner is this one - "Bперёд, за библиотеку!" (from Russian: "Forward, pro library!"). Here you see a funny combination of Soviet time monument of 1905 revolution fighters and the upcoming Latvia's National Library building. It shows how ideologies of 2 different time periods can blend together in grotesque manner.

My own favorite of 2010 was actually other picture, I will show a collage of my best pics tomorrow.

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Bперёд, за библиотеку! (best photo of 2010) Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Saturday, January 01, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. i like this image also. good choice. such an interesting composition. Happy New Year's Day to you! Have a great day with family and friends.


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