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Those who died for Latvia's independence

Yesterday (11th November) we celebrated Lāčplēša (Bear Slayer) Day - date when in 1919 Latvia's army defeated Russian-German allied forces aka Bermont's army in the battle of Riga and that was basically the main reason why Latvia became an independent state. Many of those soldiers who died in Latvian War of Independence was buried here - in Brothers' Cemetery in Riga. In the first picture you see eternal flame (well as it's hot summer day you don't see the flame but the wave of heat of it).

Those who died for Latvia's independence Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Friday, November 12, 2010 Rating: 5

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  1. One of my friends from work has her uncle buried here in the last days of ww2. Apparently he was shot by the Russians when they fired on a red cross train and went into a mass grave.

    The family arranged for his burial then fled west.

    Now educate me; I thought Latvia's independence was 18th of November 1919? Or is that when the peace treaty was signed?

    The 11th as well as being remembrance day in
    the west was the actual date of the battle?

    Now were the defenders of Riga Latvian riflemen? Or just volunteers that turned up?

    Or have I confused myself once again?


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