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Newspaper "Diena" headquarters

The parliament elections of Latvia are coming (2nd October). Old corrupted parties of oligarch's are so unpopular here, that this time they are really desperate and they know - their only chance to get elected with reasonable number of delegates is a massive brainwashing of people, which this time has to surpass the borders of advertisement campaign. So they have started to achieve control over free media which are very weak here now because of crysis and the small media market of Latvia. Once the most influential daily newspaper of Latvia - "Diena" have been bought by oligarchs, it become known last week. "Diena" journalists however stands for their journalistic freedom and doesn't obey to owners' interests - so the most credible outcome could be that the newspaper is going to be closed soon. For Latvia it's about the same as in America could be closing of "USA Today" or "New York Times".
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