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Passenger train coming to station

Passenger train close to Riga Central Train station. Passenger trains are still Soviet time manufacture, at least part of them are refurbished, made look nicer. Latvian Railway company has started tender for purchasing new trains, but who knows how fast it will progress. Officials says some of these Soviet trains are very outdated and in critical condition. Once Riga has it's own train producing factory - RVR - which produced trains run all over the former Soviet Union. But now, it seems that this factory management is too weak and uninterested in reviving this industry, as knowing people says, that's why we will have to buy new trains from foreign producers.
Passenger train coming to station Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. It may be an old train, but it still looks good and obviously serves a purpose. As long as it gets people from A to B. Of course some the western European trains are fabulous, especially in Switzerland, France and Italy.

  2. Nice photo, especially with the bright colors of the train popping out from all of that metal.

  3. The trains really are in sad shape. Many times the auto doors don't work so if there isn't a chalked "X" on the inside or a sign you end up missing your stop if you can't scoot to another carriage in time. Serious lack of heat in the winter is another problem. I won't even mention the stations and the climb from the platform up a near vertical incline into the carriage. Watching some of the older people or women with kids and bags is truly painful. Station platforms need to be modified and new trains purchased, preferably from a Latvian producer. Maybe Slesers, Lembergs or Skele can take a few days off from raping the country to get this industry sector moving and employing. And paying taxes of course!

    Sorry about the rant.


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