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Small sidestreet in Riga centre. One of the lovely wooden buildings, this one has a lot of character, imo. Wooden buildings are like "aboriginals" of Riga centre, and, in opposite to most of other European metropolises, Riga's "aboriginals" have survived - in Riga in total there are about 14 000 wooden buildings! In Riga centre, they make very interesting height level perspectives by interrupting 5-7 floor masonry built-up. Some doesn't like it and they would like to see whole centre in even level, but I think these height differences makes Riga centre unique and interesting. We will definitely return to these wooden+masonry combinations in this blog!
Sidestreet Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Wednesday, March 03, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. Fabulous street. Love the wooden building, it has character and look at that sky!

  2. Riga is one of the stranger cities I have lived in. Walking along a street you can think you are in a ghetto with old abandoned boarded up buildings, the smell of wood smoke filling the air and nefarious characters spitting on the sidewalk as you pass by. Then you are walking past an upscale hotel with a limo disgorging rich Russians and the red taxi service hovering around like vultures. Then again you are alone and walking past more abandoned buildings. And the take away coffee in your hand is still hot! A city of contrasts.


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