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Rīga-Liepāja railway

This time theme day and Out-Of-Riga Sunday happens to be at the same time. For this theme "rust and ruins" I chose my recently (few weeks ago) taken photo of a 200 km long railway line which leads from Riga to 3rd largest Latvia city Liepāja. It's rust because railway lines and even stones around them are always rusty (don't know why) and it's (almost) ruins because - believe it or not - in such an important route there is only 1 train per week. See other "rust and ruins" in the world. [full_width]
Rīga-Liepāja railway Reviewed by Ikars Kublins on Sunday, August 31, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Only one train per week, that isn't much! Beautiful perspective and light !

  2. olve this :) I want to walk along it :) I enjoy walking and if theres only 1 train a week I guess I could do so safely :)

  3. I like the way the light hits these rails!

  4. Excellent picture with amazing atmosphere!

  5. Lovely light in this photo. It reminds me of my childhood home where the tracks were used only once in a while. Now where i live the tracks are used many times daily.

  6. Thanks!

    @Jen Massey - I feel obliged to warn you, in case if you really come to Latvia to walk around this railway :D Passenger trains are just 1 per week there, but the freight trains should be more frequent though ;)

  7. @Ikars - Slight correction, actually its twice per week. One train leaves at 18:25 from Riga on Fridays (and departs from Liepaja at 6:05 on Saturdays). Another one departs Riga on Sundays at the same time. I suppose it is meant for commuters who work/study in Riga and travel home on weekends. I enjoy trains and hope that someday we will finally have a modern fleet of high speed trains and build extensions to current tracks (perhaps to Ventspils). Rail Baltica is an ongoing project to link Baltic states through Warsaw with the rest of the Europe. Track gauge in Baltic countries is different from the one used in majority of other countries and new tracks need to be built along the existing ones. Presumably in 5 to 6 years you will be able to travel from Helsinki through Baltic states right down to London or Barcelona.

  8. @Olby, you're right about the trains per week, but you're a huuge optimist regarding RailBaltica :). In 5-6 years it won't happen for sure, in the best case construction will only be started by that time. And from Helsinki - it's rather sci-fi scenario, because that would imply 80 km long undersea tunnel below Gulf of Finland, which would be even costlier than Eurostar tunnel below Lamanche...

  9. @Ikars - "The section from Helsinki to Tallinn will be operated by existing commercial ferries. In the future a proposed Helsinki to Tallinn Tunnel could provide a rail link between the two cities." (c) Wikipedia.

    Although I'm not sure what they mean by "operated by existing commercial ferries". Trains are going to be carried over to Finland on ships? :)) The mainland part of RailBaltica is a fairly reasonable project and recently gained a lot of momentum because of the push from the EU government. So lets hope we can see something happening in the next 10 years.


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